The people and their country

Open yourself to the charm of the frank and friendly people in Northern Bali.

Discover the scenery and culture of this coastal area. The immediate neighbourhood of this resort you will show you what makes Bali such a unique place. In Penutukan you will find a marvelous morning market and the scenic waterfall of Les is only a few kilometers away.

You may want to watch how delicious palm sugar is produced. Or you might wish to try and make delicate decorations for sacrificial ceremonies. You could also join the local fishermen on their morning tours.

You have lots of options. Iluh Resmini who speaks perfect German and her brother Ketut Teguh will always try to satisfy their guests.

Guided Tours

A great number of attractions of this isle of the Gods are accessible within a few hours or on a day tour.

The resort provides an air-conditioned van for these trips that all follow a theme.

The resort offers traditional sightseeing tours focusing on places of cultural interest as well as fun tours or sports activities like trekking or rafting.

Individual requests can be met as far as possible.

Cooking classes

You can learn how it is done. If you like the taste of exotic food and feel it does you good, you might like to join a cooking class. You will find expert advice and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

In the morning the class can buy fresh products at the local market. Having learnt how to use the various spices judiciously, the members of the group will have lots of fun eating the dishes they prepared.

Ketut´s Cocktail Workshops

Do you fancy a trip to the world of exotic drinks?

An authentic Harvey Wallbanger, a fruity Piña Colada or a delicious Arak Madu are not only the result of a predefined recipe. Our barkeeper Ketut has learnt the high art of mixing cocktail creations while spending time with real professionals. He is more than happy to share his knowledge with interested guests.

During a workshop in the evening you are invited to chop, to mix and to set your hands to the shaker under the guidance of our experts. This is the interactive experience for everybody who fancies a colourful drink and who wishes to spend a chummy evening tasting your own creations.

Holiday feeling guaranteed!

Ketut's cocktails