Pygmy seahorses

house reef

Among insiders “Karang Divers” is known as one of the best bets for snorkeling and scuba-diving. According to the latest “Marine Report” the coral reefs near Penuktukan offer some of the most beautiful submarine scenes in Bali. Some time ago the area of the house reef of “Teluk Karang“ was declared a nature sanctuary where absolutely no fishing is allowed.

As soon as they are under the sea surface, the divers will find rocks and crevices inhabited by hosts of corals.

Up to 30 meter below the surface there are colorful fields of stony corals (Scleractinia) and huge populations of rare soft corals(Alcyonacea) where a multitude of gorgeous fish varieties can be observed.

Experienced guides will be pleased to share the many hidden secrets of the reef. Angels Canyon is such a fascinating place that most holiday-makers want to see it more than once.

Dive sites

Whether you want to dive in Menjangan’s submarine park, around the famous “Liberty” wreck offshore Tulamben, or in the colourful coral gardens offshore Amed, the top dive sites at the north shore of Bali are normally reached by the resort’s minibus.

Beside the huge, varied on-site reef, there are further beautiful, mostly unknown dive sites close to the resort. Depending on our guests’ wishes, we can reach the dive sites with our new power boat to dive there.

The “Karang Divers’” dive guides know the dive sites around Bali inside out. Therefore, you won’t miss one of the famous “Critters” (paperfish, ribbon eels, pygmy sea horses, and the like) or the colourful slugs.

Above all, Bali’s underwater world is known for its sound, biodiverse coral riffs, as well as the variety of most diverse fish species and sea slugs. With a bit of luck, you will be able to meet turtles as well as the really big fishes like reef sharks, head fishes and manta rays.


Our diving base

Our diving base of 100 square metres “Karang Divers” is situated next to the divers’ entry into our house reef.

Special care has been taken to provide modern and reliable equipment (Bauer compressors, pure-air-technology, nitrox blending) and a pleasant environment where you can hire high-quality gear. You change in comfortable roofed cabins.

The service team at the base is competent and considerate. Their sense of humour does not interfere with their concern for your safety. Beginners are welcome.

Part of the pool is a three-metre diving area where newcomers can give it a try. A little later they might want to go on a guided underwater tour or even book a diving course.

The “Karang Divers” are led by Nyoman Kartika. The training takes place according to standards of SSI.

Comfort and power

After nearly three years, the “big brother” of our little Zodiac finally arrived. From now on our guests have the opportunity to have us drive them to the neighbourhood’s diving and snorkeling sites in our new GFK-boat which was built according to our wishes.

The boat is fitted with a premium steel ladder for easy access, a big sun canopy, 200 HP capacity as well as ergonomically designed seats for 8-10 persons. Due to these features, comfortable enjoyment during the “Karang Divers’” boats rides is guaranteed.

comfort and power

Quality and environmental management

In November 2012, the “Teluk Karang” dive centre underwent a strict voluntary inspection of its quality and environmental management. After successful auditing, the “Karang Divers” are now entitled, as the first dive centre on Bali, to display the certificate “audited in accordance to DIN ISO 14001”.

The resort’s team and the population of Penuktukan are proud that their mutual efforts to improve the local preservation of nature and the environment as well as to optimise the whole quality management has been rewarded with an internationally acknowledged quality seal.